Charter schools are similar to public schools in that they are eligible to receive federal and state funding to support operational costs. However, these funding sources are limited and for many charter schools that serve children from low-income communities it is only enough to support basic academic programs on site. Many charter schools are unable to offer incentive programs such as music, art, and technology – or to hire full time counselors, nurses, or academic support staff without significant donations by individuals, corporations, community organizations and philanthropic foundations.
Supplies can also be donated to the school in order to help support the mission. From as large as computers or LCD projectors to as small as a box of pencils, SDGVA can put these items to good use. If you are interested in donating old or new supplies, please see our list of current needs. All donations need to be approved by the Executive Director.
Current Needs

Pencils seem to be a monotonous item for San Diego Global Vision Academy teachers to wish for on a daily basis. However, you would be surprised as to how quickly a student uses a pencil during the school day. Sometimes we believe the students are 'eating' them because they are disappearing so quickly. So much writing during the day demands a large quantity of pencils on hand! Help the cause!

San Diego Global Vision Academy is working hard to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Nevertheless, our students do a lot of writing during the school day which demands a lot of paper. Paper includes: photocopier paper, writing journals, notebook paper, construction paper, etc. Anything helps.