SDGVA Spirit Shirts


Attention SDGVA Families:


We want to thank you for choosing San Diego Global Vision Academy as your public schooling option for 2017-18! To show unity throughout the school year we’re requesting all students and staff wear a SDGVA Spirit Shirt on Fridays! We will wear our SDGVA Spirit Shirts proudly on Fridays as a symbolic gesture of another successful leadership week all year long!

 To kick off this SDGVA Spirit Program we’ve made sure your child has a brand new Spirit Shirt to weartomorrow (our 1st Friday back to school). 


We also have a new student catalogue if you want to purchase any of our previous SDGVA Spirit Shirts too. SDGVA Spirit Shirt orders are placed at our main office. We do a school wide order three times a year. Deadlines to place your order include October 2, 2017February 1, 2018 & May 1, 2018


No SDGVA family is under any obligation to purchase anything and ALL students are more than welcome to wear school uniforms on Fridays! 


SDGVA Spirit Shirts are ONLY permitted on Fridays. 


If you have any questions or concerns regarding SDGVA Spirit Shirt orders – please contact Lisa Davis in our main office at   


Thank you for your continued support!