6 to 6 (Before & After School Program)

SDGVA 6 to 6 Program:
  1. A new 6to6 application must be completed each school year.  Being in the 6to6 program in the previous year does not guarantee a space for the next school year.
  2. One application may be used for all children from the same family.  The application must be filled out legibly, completely and submitted to the office.  All information on the application is subject to verification.
  3. If requesting a discount on pricing the Alternative Household Income Form must be completed and submitted with the 6to6 application.
  4. Submitting an application does not guarantee participation in the 6 to 6 program.  It is anticipated demand for 6 to 6 services will exceed the program capacity; therefore, it is extremely important that the application be filled out completely, accurately, and in a timely manner.
Currently we are not offering our normal 6to6 program due to COVID-19.  When we enter Phase 4 of our reopening plan we will once again be offering a full 6to6 program.  Please check back to this page at that time.