6 to 6 (Before & After School Program)

Application for 6to6 for the 2023-2024 is now Available See Below!
SDGVA 6to6 Program:
Welcome to San Diego Global Vision Academy (SDGVA).  We are pleased to offer a 6 to 6 Program to our SDGVA families for all grades TK-8th. The program includes academic support, enrichment and snacks in a safe environment.
Dues range from $0.00 - $300.00 a month, per child depending on preference, AM, PM or AM & PM care options. These dues are paid over 9 months (September 15th to May 15th). 
Care begins on the first day of school and runs through the last day of school. AM Care begins at 6AM and runs until our drop off starts at 7:30AM.  Our AM care is supervised by our program associates and administrators.  Students typically have the opportunity to relax, finish homework, play games, work on the computer, or watch a movie.
PM Care begins either at 2:30PM for elementary students or 2:45PM for middle school students and runs until 6PM. Our PM care begins with academic support from the students regular day teachers and includes a nutritious snack.  The program then transitions to structured outdoor activities.  After outdoor activities students rotate monthly through a variety of enrichment classes consisting of Art, Chess, Technology, Robotics and other various activities. Students finish their day with an opportunity to play games, complete homework or projects, or work on the computer.  PM care is supervised by a combination of classroom educators, instructional associates, and administration.
(Currently both our morning and afternoon programs are full.  You may still submit an application but student(s) will be placed on our wait list) Our program is only available for enrolled SDGVA students.
(The alternative household income form should only be completed by enrolled SDGVA families)
Other Important Details:
  1. A new 6to6 application must be completed each school year.  Attending the 6to6 program in the previous year does not guarantee a space for the next school year.
  2. One application may be used for all children from the same family.  The application will be available online this year.  All information on the application is subject to verification.
  3. With the addition the Expanded Learning Opportunities funding we will be offering our 6to6 program to families who qualify for free or reduced lunch (based on NSLP), homeless, or foster youth at no cost.  If families who do not qualify would like a discount on costs any reductions will be based on a sliding income scale.
  4. Submitting an application does not guarantee participation in the 6to6 program.  It is anticipated demand for 6to6 services will exceed the program capacity; therefore, it is extremely important that the application be filled out completely, accurately, and in a timely manner.
  5. Applications for the new school year open in mid July each year to give as many families both new and returning the same opportunity to apply.
If you have questions about the program or application status/process please contact the office at 619-600-5321 or [email protected]