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Informational Tours
Attending a SDGVA Informational Tour is an opportunity to get a firsthand view of our school site and hear an interactive presentation conducted by SDGVA teachers and administrators. This informational presentation includes details regarding SDGVA’s mission & vision as well as examples of our core academic and behavior leadership programs. Our hope is that this interactive presentation guides you towards making the best academic decision for your child(ren) by explicitly stating our core values in education. We conduct evening presentations only in an effort to accommodate the work schedules of our future parents/guardians.
Informational Tour Dates for the hopeful parents can be found below.  No appointments are necessary. Please make note that these informational tours are intended for brand new families interested in attending SDGVA. Children are welcome to attend the informational tours.
Some helpful suggestions to make the most of our Informational Tours:
  • We do not offer individual tours or tours during school hours because it is disruptive to the learning environment. These evening tours are the only option we offer.  We have a virtual tour option available (see link above) if you'd prefer that option instead.
  • Tours begin promptly at 6pm and we close our doors at 7pm.  Our timeliness is meant to honor your time and ensure that our educators and office team can return to their own families for the evening in a timely manner too.
  • Parking is limited due to evening events in the neighborhood.  Leave plenty of time to park and walk to our school site.
  • You can expect a brief presentation by our school administration for 15 minutes to begin the tour.  There is 30 minutes set aside for you to take a tour of classrooms by educators and ask direct questions of our teaching staff on site.  At 6:45pm we will escort you back to the main campus for any last minute questions our office/administrative team can answer for you.  
  • Food and drinks are not offered during the one hour tour. You will find a local Starbucks two blocks away for your convenience and a variety of options on Adams Avenue if you intend to eat dinner before or after the tour with your family.
SDGVA Informational Tour Dates
If you are interested in learning more about SDGVA and having the opportunity to speak to administration and educators please join us for one of the following two sessions:
Thursday January 18, 2024 6:00-7:00PM
Wednesday March 13, 2024 6:00-7:00PM