San Diego Global Vision Academy






My child is in second grade, and is already proficient in every skill, but excelling in reading and writing. I am very pleased with her performance, her teachers' ability to support a wide range of student abilities and keep my child challenged, and I feel that the school is extremely efficiently and lovingly run. 
—Submitted by a parent
SDGVA is a wonderful school. Both of my daughters have improved from proficient to advanced. The teachers go above and beyond and communicate regularly. The administration is the best I have ever seen. They know all of the children and even teach in the classrooms. SDGVA is like one big family where all the teachers know my children's names and care for the kids deeply. They have high standards and very solid classroom management. Thank you for all that you do for our kids!!!!! 
—Submitted by a parent
This school has changed my daughters life. She went from a reluctant reader to devouring books. Her teachers dedication to her and all her students is admirable. I also love that the students are held accountable giving them all a sense of self and responsibility. This school is making leaders out of our children. Thank you SDGVA. 
—Submitted by a parent




Jamie Lanham

I teach because it has become me.  I'm not one of those "I waited my whole life to be a teacher" people--which isn't a bad thing--it's just not my story.  What I knew I always wanted to do is work with children. 

And my path led me here.  

I teach Kindergarten and it is so much fun being able to teach our youngest learners every day. Four, five, and six year olds are full of energy, curiosity, and pure joy.  Watching them become readers and writers, learn how to work with numbers, ask questions, and develop learning habits is truly a privilege. I have the best job in the world.  

Now, SDGVA...that's a different story.  SDGVA happened because when positive, powerful people come together to make changes, worthy things happen.  SDGVA is worthy.  Worthy of our children.  Worthy of our livelihood.  Worthy of our hearts, our strength, and our tears.  I founded SDGVA with a group of teacher leaders and our goal was to put students first. We wanted a school that put value in diversity, raised strong and resilient learners, and put focused effort on becoming accomplished writers and globally aware citizens.  At SDGVA, our students build legacies that include being life-long learners.  I am so proud to call this my school.


Valentyna Banner

I love teaching at SDGVA because every team member has children’s best interest at heart.  All decisions are made for the benefit of children, not what is convenient for adults.  SDGVA educators work tirelessly to implement the most successful, relevant, and current teaching strategies.  There is a deep love and care for all children at SDGVA.  This sentiment shows itself through high expectations and follow through.  Teachers at SDGVA are truly passionate about helping students succeed and build confidence as resilient lifelong learners.


Emily Yamasaki

With each year of teaching, it becomes more and more clear to me that teaching isn’t a mere occupation but rather who I am to my core.  SDGVA is a place that fosters my professional growth and supports me in my support of students.  It is a place that believes in the power of students and teachers. Gone with the girl who gets tossed in the waves of life. And now enters the girl who casts those waves.

I teach at SDGVA because it breathes fierceness, love, and life into me.


Lauren Drew

I was blown away when I first began teaching at SDGVA over 4 years ago. The school is unique in so many ways. First and foremost, students always come first. It’s a true community where every student, regardless of grade level, is considered “ours” by all members of the SDGVA family. Teachers here constantly seek out the best professional development so they may improve in order to better serve students and their families. I had never experienced an entire teaching team that is so willing to collaborate and lead out (here as well as at other schools across San Diego) in order to help teachers become even better. From the beginning, I have been encouraged to pursue my passions and goals as a teacher, and then bring them back to share with my students and our staff. Aside from dedicated educators, Our board of directors and administrators always consider students when building or revising policies, budgets, and procedures. Instructional Aides and outside specialists equally covet student relationships and priorities. Finally, families here are incredible. Communication with my students' parents has never come so easily and is always welcomed with the positive goal of working as a team to help their children succeed. I feel incredibly lucky and honored to be a part of this dedicated, loving, and inspiring school.


Andrea Davis

When I was younger, I was inspired by the teachers I had. They encouraged me, pushed me, and valued the potential I did not know I had. I wanted to be a teacher when I grew up because of the way that my teachers made me feel- happy. I wanted to do that for other people. As I grew older, I realized I wanted to have a career that had a deep sense of meaning to it.

My parents always instilled in me that spending your life for a passionate and worthy cause is a life worth living. Creating a safe space for children, to grow emotionally and academically, to broaden their perspectives to create an inclusive mindset, are changes that have an effect. I decided that my classroom would be a sanctuary, a place where love is given freely, no exceptions. It is a place of fairness, one where students understands their words have immense power. As an educator, I am humbled by the potential of each of my students.

San Diego Global Vision Academy is very different than any other site I have been a part of. There are school-wide expectations that allow students a sense of stability throughout their educational experience. Professional development is a top priority, which allows teachers to continue their work and determination for this career. There is a unique sense of teamwork that invites parents and all staff members to play a major role in the education of the whole child. I have been humbled and inspired by my time at SDGVA.


Ericka Marsh

I can say that I know most students’ names here at SDGVA and this is something very important to me. I do not feel like I am stuck in my own world/classroom, fending for myself; rather, I know I can turn to my colleagues for support, suggestions, and encouragement. I believe I have some sort of personal relationship with most everyone here on staff. Having a community feeling with not only my students, but also my co-workers, is something I try not to ever take for granted. I know I am lucky to be able to consider my work friends family, especially seeing the power in having common goals and expectations for our students and school. I know I am lucky to have a pretty strong understanding of who my students are before they even come into third grade, since SDGVA fosters us building relationships with all of our students from kindergarten through eighth-grade. I am grateful that I am loved and supported here at SDGVA, and thus able to love and support my students in the same manner to help them feel safe and support here--just as I do.  


Kelcie Midkiff

I teach because I love children. I love nurturing their growing personalities, fueling their curiosity, and building their confidence. I strive to help students be the best version of themselves and help them to understand that every version is okay.

I teach at SDGVA because I have found a population of teachers who want the same things for our students as I do. I have found my niche in helping exceptional students to learn and thrive in an otherwise tricky and oftentimes overwhelming environment and love that I have found colleagues who strive to do the same.


Angela Barley

I teach because I want to make a lasting impression on the world, to make a difference and influence generations so that the future is more equitable, and loving.  I believe education is the key to a person's success and happiness in life, and to be a part of that by giving them that key which they might not have had access to before is an honor and privilege.

At SDGVA I feel supported, loved, encouraged and pushed to do my job to the best of my abilities.  I feel that being here makes me want to be a better teacher and overall a better person.  Seeing all the other teachers passion is great motivation.


Amanda Adair

Teaching is not something that I just do; teaching is a part of what makes me complete. I have the opportunity to work with young people as they discover and form opinions about the world. I work with colleagues who never give up on students, and continually seek out avenues to give students tools to be successful. We maintain high expectations so that young people can develop a self-belief that they can do something great. Being a teacher is more than teaching ABC or 123. We strive to give them tools to be productive, noble citizens in a world that will continually challenge them. 


Carol Anderson

I love teaching, but I did not grow up wanting to be a teacher. Teaching didn’t seem exciting to me because I only knew the traditional school setting.   Schools seemed boring, rote, the same. It seemed like schools were robot factories. It wasn’t until my own kids went to a charter school that I came to understand that school could be different. It could be about teaching the student, not the curriculum. 

I chose SDGVA in particular because I have always had a heart for the mid-city neighborhood. It reminded me of the neighborhood I grew up in, in Buffalo, NY. It was a place where parents worked hard to make lives better for their kids, but didn’t always know how to advocate for better education for their kids. I wanted to not only work with children, but help families find schools that fit their child’s needs.


Adrian Trayer

SDGVA is where I teach because it empowers me to teach the realities of our world in a context that is safe and honest. I teach at SDGVA because I am encouraged to continue my own personal journey of self-discovery and understanding as an educator and global citizen. I teach at SDGVA because teaching is political, and I strongly believe in the social justice mission of education that is the backbone of this school.


Amie Waller

I teach because it brings me joy. I teach because I want to be the teacher I wish I had. I teach because I remember being the kid that instead of bringing the confusion and chaos of home into the classroom,hid it away and tried to hide. I remember those teachers that took a minute to try to get beyond what they saw on the outside, and shine a light on who I could be.

I teach at SDGVA because there is no other school quite like it. ln  My career in humane education and literacy coaching brought me to schools across California. But something kept calling me home to SDGVA. It could be the students curiosity, resilience  and deep capacity for kindness. It could be the staff that always put students first. All I know is that I am deeply proud to be a part of SDGVA and seeing what amazing people our students are becoming.


Terra David

I teach at SDGVA because I am lucky enough to be given that gift!  I knew I wanted to be in a charter school or alternative education setting.  I looked for a place with quality leadership and a real team of dedicated educators where I could learn, grow, and practice becoming a better person and teacher everyday in a supportive community.  SDGVA has been more than I asked for and I am very grateful. 


Tori Pinkston

I teach at SDGVA because we value student’s behavior just as much as we value their learning. At SDGVA we are not only educating our students to become better learners, but also educating our students on how to be kind, resilient, and leaders within our community.


Jaclyn Brown

I teach because I love children. I love that they can help to inspire me to become a better person by forcing me to reflect on each day, good or bad. I love that although I might be able to help them get through hard times in their lives, they do the exact same for me without even having to think about it. Children are undeniably unapologetic in the love they give and truly don’t expect anything in return. That is why I teach.


Aja Booker

I realize that my students replenish me on a regular basis. I am a better human being because of them. I have learned so much from my students. They prompt me to think about who I am, who I want to be, I am humbled on a daily basis. My students inspire me to do better and be better!


Ben Bates

I chose to become a physical education teacher based on an immense passion for physical fitness, and the desire to help prepare and equip students to develop and maintain active, healthy lifestyles. I hope to help each student acquire the knowledge, skills, and confidence required to actively participate in fitness related activities, relevant to their own unique passions, that they will choose to continue pursuing throughout their lives.


Katie Swain

When I initially began teaching I knew two things: I love kids and I wanted to make the kind of positive impact in their lives that my teachers made for me.  I believe deeply that every student has amazing potential and goodness within them and it is my passion to partner with families to encourage and draw out both. 

My favorite moments throughout the year are those “ah-ha” moments when something that once felt unclear for a student suddenly makes sense after hard work and practice.  The smile that always comes in that moment makes teaching not only my career, but my passion and a force that energizes me.  

The longer I teach, the more I also see the opportunity built within teaching to be responsive to the issues of social justice that are present in our world and to make a positive impact, responsibilities which I do not take lightly.          

The reason I teach at SDGVA is because from the moment that I stepped on to this campus until now I felt valued as both a person and a teacher, and I knew that feeling was one which my colleagues would encourage in our school community.  I knew that this was a place in which students would be cared for, challenged, and protected.  I knew that this was a place in which the staff was dedicated and passionate about their work and the families with whom they interacted, and it was something I had to be a part of as soon as possible. 


Jennifer Dreher

"I choose to teach at SDGVA because the teachers at this site share my long-term goals I have for students. We not only stress academics but it is also accompanied with the focus on students being respectful and responsible. I have never met a group of people that are so invested in their students and have their best interest as a top priority"