Core Principles

"Imagine a mission so righteous that it promises to define the career of every employee. Imagine cultivating the talent you need to achieve what others can only imagine. Imagine teachers so intrinsically driven that they will walk through fire to help children blossom."– Dr. Kevin Riley
The Lights of El Milagro: How One Charter's School's Revolt Could Transform Public Education
San Diego Global Vision Academy opened its doors to the educational world September 7, 2010 based upon the following core principles:
Core Principles
  • Teaching for joy and justice begins with the non-negotiable belief that all students are capable of brilliance. Our duty as educators is to attempt to coax the brilliance out of students by building upon their strengths and personal lived experiences. – Linda Christensen
  • Teaching is a noble profession. Teachers who are well informed and effective in their practice can be successful teachers of other teachers as well as partners in educational research, development, and implementation. Collectively, teacher-leaders are our greatest resource for educational reform. – National Writing Project
  • Writing is essential to communication, learning, and citizenship. It is the currency of the new workplace and global economy. Writing helps us convey ideas, solve problems, and understand our changing world. Writing is a bridge to the future. –National Writing Project
  • Service-Learning integrates meaningful community service with instruction and reflection to teach civic responsibility and strengthen communities. Students become actively contributing citizens and community members through the service they perform. – National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
  • Resiliency is a characteristic of individuals that allows them to adapt, persevere, and succeed despite adversity. Administrators, teachers and families who work cohesively together to build a safe, nurturing school environment where everyone on site feels loved, respected, contributes positively and is challenged continuously by high expectations will overcome any obstacles in their way.
  • We will write the future!