6 to 6 Rules Contract

6 to 6 closes at 6:00pm Monday through Friday.
Parent/Guardians are required to pick up their child no later than 6PM.  Failure to pickup by 6PM will result in the following:
1st Late Offense: Written Warning
2nd Late Offense: $5.00 fee will be added to monthly bill
3rd Late Offense: 6 to 6 participation may be suspended
Students participating in the 6 to 6 program must behave during the regular school day and during the 6 to 6 program.  Students who fail to behave may be suspended from the 6 to 6 program.
Parent/Guardians are required to sign students out of 6 to 6, but they do not need to sign them in the morning.
There will be no 6 to 6 care available on the following dates due to Parent-Teacher conferences. School release time is 12PM on these days:
Fall Dates 
Wednesday 11/16/22
Thursday 11/17/22
Friday 11/18/22
Spring Dates
Wednesday 3/22/23
Thursday 3/23/23
Friday 3/24/23
Close Early Dates at 4PM on these days:
Monday 6/19/23
Tuesday 6/20/23
Wednesday 6/21/23